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Thoughts About Time Change

Well, they did it again. Just when I was getting used to the time they go and change it. And I am not even sure who “they” is. I will admit I loved the change that first day because it gave me an extra hour of sleep, but by the time I got into the pulpit on Sunday morning at 11:00 am my tummy thought it was 12:00 and it began to growl. It was growling because, as you can tell when you look at me, I don’t miss many meals and my body thought it was time to eat. Fortunately we made it through the sermon and ate lunch before I went into convulsions. Making it through that first day of time change was an accomplishment, but now it is all about readjusting to the new time all over again. I guess the thing I dislike most about the time is that it gets dark way too early. At 6:00 pm it feels like it should be midnight. I guess I will just struggle through it all and just about the time I get fully adjusted . . . . . they will change it again. If I have to find a positive thing in all of this I guess it would be that I have more time to enjoy the stars at night. Welcome back to Standard Time everyone.

May God bless you!
Pastor Rocky

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