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Maybe I Lied

Ok, for all those who remember what I said a few months ago when it was so hot I could hardly stand it. You know those words, “I can’t wait until winter!”? Well, maybe I lied or at least lost my common sense for a minute. It is so cold today that I was even wishing for summer to hurry and get here. Now I know that most of you are saying, “Winter hasn’t even arrived yet.” I know that this is only the first cold spell of the season, but I keep hearing everyone say this is going to be the worst winter we have had in a while. If this is going to be the worst and the first one is this cold then I might be in trouble. Why can’t it be spring or fall year round? I know winter and summer are necessary but they seem to come so quickly and stay so long.

I guess I will stop complaining for a while because I know it won’t do any good. I have learned over 35 years of marriage that complaining about anything doesn’t do any good so I will stop writing and go crawl into my refrigerator. At least it is warmer in there than it is outside.

Have a great day, stay warm, and may God bless you!
Pastor Rocky

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