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Christmas Has Been Cancelled

I am afraid I’ve got some bad news? I heard today that Christmas has been cancelled this year. We are being told to take down our trees and decorations. We have to return any presents we have already bought. And Santa is not going to come this year. Christmas has been cancelled. How does that make you feel? It makes me sad because I love to get presents. I also like to look at all the Christmas decorations. What are we going to do now that Christmas has been cancelled?

Ok, so maybe Christmas is not going to be cancelled this year, but what if it did? What would we do?

If the way we celebrate Christmas was cancelled and we couldn’t have the trees and the decorations or the presents or the toys, we could still celebrate Christmas. How? By celebrating Jesus’ birthday. That is what Christmas is isn’t it. We get so caught up of getting what we want that we sometimes forget the reason we celebrate Christmas. I want us to think just a minute what it might be like if we did cancel Christmas this year. We would walk down the street and there would be no lights, or snowmen or Santa Claus. We wouldn’t hear Christmas songs being played at the stores. It would really be like every other day wouldn’t it? The only difference is that even though we cancelled Christmas, Christmas still took place.

We all know the reason for Christmas don’t we? The birth of Jesus! So if Jesus is the reason we have Christmas don’t you think that even if we didn’t have the decorations and the presents we could still celebrate Christmas?

We could have a birthday party for Jesus. We could have a big meal and we could read about how Jesus was born in a stable and laid in a manger because there was no room for them at the inn. We could have a cake and we could all help Jesus blow out the candles. But what about a present? If we are going to have a birthday party for Jesus we need to get him a present. Do you know what the best present is we can give Jesus? Our heart and our life. He wants us to love him with all our heart.

I know we would miss Christmas if it was cancelled, well, we would miss the presents, but God gave us a present on that first Christmas morning. His gift to us is His Son, Jesus and Jesus is the best gift we could ever have. So when you celebrate Christmas this year please remember that behind all the decorations, the presents, and the songs there is a greater reason for Christmas. It is Jesus’ birthday, so instead of just celebrating Christmas this year let’s celebrate Jesus.

In Luke 2:8-20 we read the story of the angel appearing to the shepherds and telling them about the birth of Jesus. The angel tells them that they can find the baby in a manger. The angels leave and the shepherds say, “Let’s go see this child.” So, they go into town and see the baby Jesus. They then went back to the field praising God all the way back.

Other than Mary and Joseph, the first people to celebrate Christmas were the shepherds. They didn’t decorate their fields with trees and lights, they didn’t buy presents, they just went to the Christmas party and worshiped Jesus. Their focus this Christmas was not presents, they wanted to see Jesus and after they saw Jesus they were praising God for what they had seen.

When you open your presents this year I want to tell you how to make your Christmas just like the shepherds. No, you don’t have to give away your presents, but after you open each gift then just say thank you God for the gift of your Son, Jesus. So whether you get one gift or a lot of gifts, you will remember to thank God for the best gift you could ever receive, Jesus.

I hope you have a great and Merry Christmas and don’t forget it is about more that the presents and the decorations, Christmas is about Jesus.


Merry Christmas
Pastor Rocky

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